Reflective active wear to shop for your next low-light run

You may have rejoiced that extra hour in bed when the clocks went back, but how did you feel last night when the sun set while you were still working? It’s not just our jobs that are affected though: the shorter days are going to change how you prep and plan for your workouts. As well as needing some extra motivation, you also need to think about the fact that outdoor running or cycling paths won’t always be well lit. 

That’s where reflective activewear comes in. While they by no means light the road ahead of you, and obviously aren’t a substitute for being safe and careful, they will help to keep you visible to cars as well as other cyclists, runners and pedestrians. 

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Running kit for cold, wet and rainy days in autumn and winter

That doesn’t mean just hi-vis jackets and luminous orange hats, though. In fact, most kit out there is pretty subtle, with a simple glowing pattern or silver cuff to give you a little more reflection when you’re out and about. So, whether you’re looking for a new winter running jacket or some leggings to see you through the season, you may as well opt for one with an extra safety feature.

  • Adidas How We Do Glam Leggings

    Adidas reflective leggings

    Say goodbye to boring reflective stripes and opt for these Adidas leggings, featuring a glimmering pattern to keep you visible. Plus, the free-moving yet supportive cut is comfortable for dark, winter jogs as they are for lounging around the house. 

    Adidas We Do Glam Leggings, £64.95


  • Under Armour Streaker Tank

    Under Armour reflective tank

    The weather may be chilly but that doesn’t mean we get any less hot and sweaty as we run. Opt for this vest with reflective detailing – so lightweight you’ll forget you put it on. 

    Under Armour Streaker Tank, £34


  • Sweaty Betty Fast Track Jacket

    Sweaty Betty reflective jacket

    Warm yet breathable, this layered jacket is a great option for low light thanks to the reflective trim on the sleeves. There’s no need to leave your phone at home with the internal pockets, either. 

    Sweaty Betty Fast Track Jacket, £130


  • Brooks Carbonite Leggings

    Brooks reflective leggings

    Neon isn’t just for summer: these brightly striped leggings promise visibility even in darkness, combined with stretch and breathability for early morning runs. 

    Brooke Carbonite Leggings, £80


  • Arket Half Zip Running Jacket

    Arket reflective jacket

    Hood? Check. Fast-drying fabric? Check. Wind resistant? Check. Reflective panelling? Check. This jacket preps you for everything the British winter could throw your way.

    Arket Half Zip Jacket, £69


  • Puma Light Headband

    Puma reflective headband

    Keep your hair up, your ears warm and yourself reflected with this lightweight, brightly coloured headband. 

    Puma Light Headband, £8


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