Protective effect can be impaired by: Billy Boy returns to condoms

In the case of several batches of the condom brands are Billy Boy and Fromms it can be to come damage. The condom manufacturer Billy Boy writes on his Website. The affected products were delivered in the period between June and August of 2019 to the trade.

In spite of the manufacturing and testing processes, it can &quot in the affected batches;came to mechanical damage of individual condoms sein", the condom manufacturer writes. "This can lead to an impairment of the protective effect. The products must therefore not be used."

Customer get your money back

There is no immediate risk to the health of the consumers do not insist, although, however, the products meet the internal security requirements. Customers who have purchased the affected products, can end this one and get your money back.

The affected packaging variants are identified by a ID number. In the packaging of various condom can be included in places, but it will not be called in all varieties. The affected Condom types can identify the consumer to the Lot numbers on the individual packaging. Billy Boy

If the outer packaging has already been disposed of, the consumers can recognize the batch number of each individual condom-Sealings. Billy Boy

Consumers can turn for more information about [email protected] or on 0800 1808171 to the manufacturer.

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