Protection for the sight: Everything in sight

The current issue of the New pharmacies is illustrated by the 15. September 2019 and is located in many pharmacies ready. In the title of the post you will know what is good for the eyes and what can damage the eyesight.

"Eat Carrots. Bunnies have finally no glasses." Or: "Read not spoil just under the duvet, but the eyes!" One or the other can be healthy to do. But carrots and reading bans really belong to? The New pharmacies Illustierte asked around about eye-friendly behavior. Read more about this in the first part of the new series "Protection for the Augenlicht" in the current issue of the New pharmacies are illustrated.

Fruit is healthy. However, some varieties have more to offer than just vitamins & Co. is In what are the five fruits, a certain, in the article medicine from fruit online at

The price puzzle: The competition of the current edition there are again 500 Euro to win.

Other topics include: How the cycle of digestion affects psoriasis gets under the skin of The right painkillers to find

Individual papers in this issue can be found in full length here in the area of the New pharmacies are illustrated. You want to read the entire issue? No Problem: The pharmacy list tells you where you can get close to the New pharmacies are Illustrated.


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