People are loving these 99p hay fever wipes that promise to trap pollen

Brace yourselves: Hay fever season is coming.

As you prepare by eating spoonfuls of honey, staying inside, and having sex, we’re sure you’re desperately searching for any remedy that will relieve your itchy eyes and streaming nose.

If online reviews are anything to go by, these wipes might be worth trying.

Skincare brand Nuage is selling Hayfever Relief Wipes that claim to remove and trap pollen, dust, and pet hair before they can cause irritation.

They’re reasonably priced at 99p in Savers, and when someone shared the product in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group they were flooded with praise in the comments.

Users say they’re ideal for kids who don’t like taking tablets and can be carried around for on-the-go use.

The peppermint and tea tree oil traps and removes pollen from the skin and soothes itches. You just swipe them over your hands and face and you should be good to go.

It’s worth noting, though, that these aren’t an environmentally friendly solution for your hay fever woes.

We all know that wet wipes create unnecessary waste, especially if, like these, they’re not biodegradable.

You could easily wipe away pollen in the same way with a damp flannel – a cheaper and more sustainable alternative to daily wipes. Just keep a flannel and a spray bottle filled with water and a touch of tea tree oil and you’re getting the same effects for less money and guilt about the environment.

You can also use barrier treatments to block pollen from entering your nostrils. Applying Vaseline or Hay Max Pollen Barrier to the outside of your nose helps stop pollen going in and traps much of it before it can affect you.

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