Nevada Woman Gives Birth 24 Hours After Finding Out She Was Pregnant: 'It's Just Total Shock'

Monica Thompson had been trying to conceive for 16 years with no luck, and at 46-years-old, she felt like it was no longer in the cards.

“It was hard because all my friends were having kids and here I am, not having a baby,” Thompson, a Nevada resident, told Inside Edition.

So when she began to experience stomach cramps and nausea in October of 2018, pregnancy was the last thing on her mind.

“The doctor comes in and he asks, ‘Do you think you might be pregnant?’ I’m like, ‘Haha, yeah right. There’s no way. I’m too old to have children. I am probably going through menopause,'” she recalled.

Thompson had also just lost 20 lbs. following a healthy lifestyle change, and told SWNS, “Looking at me you would never have known, I wasn’t showing at all.”

However, blood work revealed that she was, in fact, pregnant and doctors later estimated she was already 7 ½ months along.

“It’s just total shock,” she recalled to Inside Edition, adding, “It’s like hitting a brick wall, ‘You are having a baby now.'”

Her fiancé, Jason Ratliff — who she began seeing after her husband died in 2016 — was just as surprised. Even more surprising was when Thompson had to be rushed to the University Medical Center in Las Vegas the next day, where doctors told her she was in active labor and already 5-centimeters dilated, SWSN reported.

Her son, Jayden, was born on Oct. 7 via an emergency caesarean section, and weighed just 3 lbs., 9 oz. He was rushed to the NICU where he was held until he was ready to go home.

“The day after I had him, I had to call my boss and tell him I had a baby and he couldn’t believe it,” Thompson told SWSN. “He was like ‘What the heck.’ “

Family and co-workers helped the new parents by gifting them diapers, clothes and more.

“They were so supportive,” she told SWNS. “They couldn’t believe I was that pregnant, it was shocking to everyone.”

Although the arrival of her son — who is now 11-months old — was unexpected, it felt serendipitous for Thompson, who said she always wanted to be a mother.

“I thought, ‘Wow, I’m a mom,’” she said. “It felt right. I felt complete.”

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