Nearly three-quarters of Brits worried about visiting shops when Covid measures removed

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Over half (53 percent) will only go into shops which have visible anti-Covid measures.

It is clear that the public want to return to the shops but are looking for retailers to enhance their Covid safety measures

Daniel Guest, Chief Operating Officer at Mitie Technical Services

Ensuring a regular flow of clean air was high priority for more than half of adults (54 percent), who would be more comfortable spending time inside high street shops and cafes where there is increased air ventilation.

Similarly, 28 percent would like technology that reduces viruses from the air, such as ultraviolet light, to be in place.

More than half of those polled (54 percent) by facilities management experts Mitie want to see an increased cleaning regime in place while exactly 50 per cent would like to see hand sanitiser available for them in stores.

On the high street, 52 percent want social distancing to continue, while 45 percent still like the idea of mask wearing being compulsory in shops.

A fifth of UK adults (22 percent) confirmed they would spend around half an hour longer in a store if they could see that anti-Covid measures like increased cleaning and visible air ventilation were in place.

Daniel Guest, chief operating officer, Mitie Technical Services, said: “While the nation’s Covid restrictions are no longer in place, it is clear that there remains concern from the public that shops, cafes and other retail premises are safe spaces to visit.

“By investing in measures like increased cleaning regimes and technology like UV light that can help kill viruses in the air, retail and hospitality businesses can keep their customers safe, prevent the spread of the virus, and give consumers confidence to spend time on the high street.”

The study also found 36 percent of respondents want to see an increase in touch point cleaning when they are inside a shop or cafe.

And a quarter want shops to go as far has having temperature checks for everyone who uses the building.

Half (49 percent) of those who took part in the survey think that shops and cafes could be doing more to show that they are Covid-secure.

While more than half (54 percent) even said they will choose to spend their money with businesses that can show they are putting Covid safety measures in place.

Daniel Guest added: “This research makes it clear that the public want to return to the shops but are looking for retailers to enhance their Covid safety measures.

“Technology can play a key part in providing this reassurance and if it encourages a safe return to the high street, investing in tech makes good business sense for now and the future.”

Mitie has advice and tips for businesses looking to create a Covid secure environment for customers, which can be found here.

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