Natural Wellness: Why Everyone Should Try Using Essential Oils

It is undeniable that we seek supplements from plants and herbs to get the daily nutrition we need. From oxygen to food, we are somehow always dependent on them and due to man’s unending thrive to exhaust the natural resources we have been given, we now have a new trend people are obsessing about! Two words: Essential Oils.

Essential oils are extracts from plants. The particles in essential oils come from distilling or extracting the different parts of plants, including the flowers, leaves, bark, roots, resin, and peels. Essential oils are “essential” because they contain the “essence” of the plant, meaning the taste or odor.

Essential oils are more potent than other plant-derived products like tea

Essential oils are historically used in medicine, cosmetics, food, and perfumes. Aside from its vanity use, essential oils offer holistic wellness. These benefits are constantly backed up by recent research so it’s not just a placebo effect. Its benefits may have been underlooked for past years due to the high-end medications and products. But people who are thriving to live a more sustainable life are bringing back these oils in center stage.

Though these oils are more popular for its aroma, essential oils can also do the dirty job. Skip the artificial chemicals found in branded cleaners and concoct a natural potion instead. Essential oils are tough in germs and other microorganisms found in the house, making it the healthiest cleaning partner.

Mix 3 drops of tea tree and lemon oil with water to make a DIY all-purpose cleaner

They can be used for cleaning bathroom tiles, cleaning burnt pans, disinfecting sports gear, and even repel insects. Lemon oil is one of the best oil to brighten and remove stains. Peppermint oil, on the other hand, acts as a natural pest deterrent, while tea tree oil gets rid of mildew and mold around the house.

Add rosemary to shampoo to naturally thicken hair and increase volume

Essential oils are becoming more popular as a natural alternative to achieve healthier skin. Some oils contain anti-inflammatory effects, good for fighting acne. Pure and high quality essential can help fight acne, blemishes, and even stretch marks, just make sure to pick the right one. Carrot seed essential oil has a rejuvenating effect on the skin. Myrrh essential oil greatly benefits aging skin. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties that help improve skin tone, firmness, and skin elasticity. Tea tree essential oil is one of the well-known essential oils for acne-prone skin. Its antibacterial properties help ward off acne-causing bacteria and assist wound healing.

Yes, essential oils are not just beneficial when used externally but they can also be taken internally to boost the immune system. Topicals with oils are also a great way to achieve an instant relief from any discomfort. For women, essential oils can help relieve menstrual cramps and relieve premenstrual syndromes. It can aid digestion, treat eczema, and even supplements diet. Eucalyptus improves respiratory issues like bronchitis and sinusitis. Oregano is a powerful anti-microbial property, it can kill fungus and help kick a cold fast. Sandalwood is a natural aphrodisiac that improves libido and can also improve energy.

Lavender oil helps alleviate insomnia

Spas are a place to drop all the negatives and just soak in the goodness of life. Ever wonder why spas are so relaxing? That is because of the essential oils present in the air diffuser and spa oils. These oils can improve the quality of sleep and calm an upset child. Mothers who mix essential oils in their air diffuser found a significant change in their kid’s sleeping pattern. Chamomile oil has antidepressant capabilities and lifts mood overall. Orange oil helps calm the nerves and keep anxious thoughts at bay.

There are many marketing companies who are taking advantage of oils since they are gaining more attention by people. Choosing essential oils is a critical step just as using them. Buying expensive brands can never guarantee us of its quality. There are many affordable oils available online that stay true to its claims. It is also important to do research first before buying anything. There should be a commitment to using these oils on a regular basis so we can get what our money is worth. And remember, everyone is different. There is no guarantee that everyone can achieve the same effects and benefits.

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