Miley Cyrus Just Turned Herself Into Tiger King With Her Self-Iso Haircut

Just like the Netflix docuseries based on Joe Exotic’s life, Miley’s haircut is offering a welcome distraction amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic. 

Check out her new look:

While we don’t hate it, the Joe Exotic resemblance is uncanny.

While chatting with hairstylist Justin Anderson and reality star Kristin Cavallari about self-care on her new Instagram TV series Bright Minded, Miley debuts her freshly chopped locks saying: 

“Don’t look at the hair.”

After explaining she gave herself the home haircut while self-isolating, Miley says:

“You know how your phone listens to you and just starts posting things right after you say it? The minute I gave myself this haircut, all of a sudden all my updates were just like Tiger King memes. Lucky for me, I’m not seeing anyone.”

Fortunately, Miley seems to be at peace with serving Joe Exotic vibes. 

“I’m okay with it, it’s a fun time to play, it’s a fun time to experiment,” she says.

This article originally appeared on Marie Claire.

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