Man has excess fluid drained out of penis after it swells and doubles in size

A man had the shock of his life when his todger swelled to a concerning size.

He ended up in hospital with doctors draining the excess fluid from his unusually large manhood.

John, from Odessa, Texas, found himself in the odd situation when he started to feel pain in his groin area one morning – and he looked down to see his penis "growing in size".

He admitted himself to the Emergency Room hoping doctors could help him to resolve the problem.

"When I got here, it was almost double the size, it was just constantly growing. That’s when I knew that they got to do something!" he said in a new episode of This Came Out of Me.

Physician Dr Nilang Patel examined the situation and pointed out that John's foreskin was "extremely inflamed".

"What happens when the foreskin gets really, really swollen is that it can cut off the blood supply to the glans penis, which is the tip of the penis, and we don’t want that," he explained to John.

"Penile swelling can be brought on by an allergic reaction, an injury from sexual intercourse, poor hygiene, a piercing, infection.

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"If the swelling is not resolved, and the tip of the penis or glands is starved of blood for too long, gangrene could set in, which is tissue death due to a blockage in the blood supply."

The doctor and his medical team decided to numb John's private parts so Dr Patel could extract fluid from the penis.

He poked little holes with a hypodermic needle on the foreskin to relieve the tension.

While John was lying on the stretcher and talking to the nurses, Dr Patel said: "So, you guys can see that there’s a lot of fluid that’s coming out."

Thankfully, the draining did the drick.

"You see that? Nice little squirt right there, you see that squirt?" Dr Patel exclaimed.

As the excess fluid gets drained away, John's penis starts to look normal again.

He thanked the medical team for stopping the situation from becoming much more serious.

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