Love chai? Here’s another reason to drink it every day

Say cheers to chai: As per lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho, Indian chai can be a good immunity booster; find out how.

Whether masala, adrak (ginger) or elaichi (cardamom), chai is loved in all its avatars by Indians, who count it among their favourite beverages. In fact, for many, chai is the perfect way to kick-start their day every morning. So if you happen to be one of them, take a look at this post by lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho in which he mentions how the cuppa is also good for building immunity.

How many of you enjoy your cup of Indian chai ….it’s an immune booster on its own until you add all that refined sugar to it …use jaggery instead or do it plain #chai #indianchai #tea #spices #thenewreligionlifestyle #immunity #mornings #evenings

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Yes, you read it right.

He captioned the post, “How many of you enjoy your cup of Indian chai ….it’s an immune booster on its own,” he said. However, the caveat he gave was on the use of refined sugar. “…Until you add all that refined sugar to it.”

So, if not sugar, what can you add? As per Coutinho, it is a good practice to opt for jaggery or even have “just plain chai” to help boost immunity.

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In fact, as per the post, chai brewed with kitchen condiments like cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods, cloves, black peppercorns, ginger and fennel seeds can be extremely beneficial for health. The blend of ingredients gives the tea an anti-inflammatory nature that helps keep infections at bay.

Here’s the recipe shared by Coutinho.


1 inch – Cinnamon stick
4 – Cardamom pods
3 – Cloves
3 – Black peppercorns
1/4tsp – Ginger
1/4tsp – Fennel seeds
1-2tsp – Loose tea leaves


*Mix all ingredients together in a pan and wait until it boils nicely.
*Cover the pan. Wait for two minutes and then strain.

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