It's Official: These Are the Weirdest & Wackiest Foods On The Web Right Now

Do you consider yourself an adventurous eater? Does the thought of chicken breast bore you or a cut of beef seem blasé? Well, if so, we’ve got good news for you: we’ve rounded up some of the weirdest and craziest food items out there — and yes, you can buy them all online.

Now I know what you are thinking: what parameters did we use to define “crazy?” And, if we’re being honest, the bar was pretty loose — which is to say we did some Googling and took an informal (and completely unofficial) office survey. But in order to be considered, the item had to be rare, different and/or unique. Shipping to the US was also a must. But enough background. Here are our favorite food finds.

Nitrate-free rattlesnake meat

If you need a new source of protein, look no further than rattlesnake. It’s meaty, hearty and tastes like chicken — or so we’ve been told. Bonus: this bad boy comes in a can. Delish!

Smoked rattlesnake meat, $21.99 at Amazon

Cereal marshmallows

While these pastel puppies may look familiar, chances are you’ve never ingested them en masse… but now you can. Perfect for the little (or big) kid in your life.

Two, 4-pound bags of cereal marshmallows, $45.99 at Amazon

Onion ring mints

We’re not sure why you would want to suck on something “onion-flavored” but hey, who are we to judge?

Onion ring mints, $2 at Amazon

Octopus jerky

In many cultures, octopus is considered a delicacy. The mollusk takes center stage in several European nations and the far East, but if you are new to this flavor, you may want to ease your way in with octopus jerky.

Moroccan octopus jerky, $17.99 at Amazon

Clamdy canes

From bacon and mac and cheese to *gag* gravy, candy canes now come in a wide array of flavors. But Clamdy Canes? These suckers are just strange.

Clamdy Canes, $7.99 at Candy Favorites

Beer-flavored jelly beans

We love candy. We love beer. But candy-flavored beer? Eh, let’s just say we are not so sure about this combo.

Beer-flavored Jelly Belly jelly beans, $3.49 at Amazon

Shrimp-flavored chips

Seafood-flavoring is popular. Don’t believe me? Check out the aforementioned octopus jerky and Clamdy Canes. However, with a pork rind consistency and fishy flavor, these chips take the cake. Seriously. With almost 100 reviews, this snack has a firm 4-stars.

Calbee shrimp flavored chips, $4.95 at Amazon

Salted duck eggs

We here at SheKnows love our eggs — I had an omelette this morning — but who knew you could purchase the poultry product pre-cooked and salted?

Cooked duck eggs, $14.99 at Amazon

And, last but not least, this collection of strange sodas

Because nothing says weird like drinking ranch dressing.


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