Influencer Hannah Polites Shares a Candid Photo of Her Body 24 Hours After Giving Birth

Hannah Polites wants to keep it real in the days after giving birth to her second child.

The Instagram influencer, 28, welcomed son Arlo William on Sunday, and 24 hours later, she snapped a picture of herself post-childbirth to show what bodies really look like in the hours after delivery. Polites shared the picture on Wednesday, alongside a picture from just before she gave birth.

“38 weeks pregnant, 24 hrs post birth,” she wrote on Instagram. “Although a little confronting for me, I want to be as real as possible with you all and share my postpartum body journey exactly how it is. I was tired, pale and a little sore but so proud of what I’d just achieved the day before.”

Polites, who also has a 2-year-old daughter, Evaliah Grace, said that she’s going to give her body time to fully heal, and not worry about what it looks like.

“The human body is so amazing and I’m so thankful that mine was able to grow, birth and now nurture my boy,” she said. “I’m in no rush to ‘bounce back’ and will just be focusing on my family and new baby, not exercising for at least 6 weeks.”

The Australian midwife added that Evaliah had questions about her post-baby body.

“Evaliah has already asked why mama’s belly button ‘looks funny’ and why my skin on my belly is so soft and she now knows that it’s because my body created a beautiful life and that’s bloody incredible,” she said.

Model Belle Lucia, who is currently pregnant with her first child, supported Polites in the comments.

“Who cares about ‘bouncing back’ when you have a precious bubba and carried that life for 9 months ❤️,” Lucia wrote. “You’re such a good mumma.”

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Both Lucia and Polites dealt with body shamers during their pregnancies over their small baby bumps. During Polites’ first pregnancy with Evaliah, she was constantly getting comments from people accusing her of harming her baby.

“Unfortunately, it’s become common for society to comment on the health of a person simply from their size being different to what they perceive to be normal,” she previously told PEOPLE. “However, I do not take the small amount of negative comments to heart, especially when I know I am making informed decisions when it comes to nutrition and exercise in pregnancy and motherhood.” Both of Polites children are healthy.

She celebrated Arlo’s arrival in multiple posts on Instagram this week, and talked about how thrilled she was for him to join the family.

“Your first breath took ours away, caught straight into daddy’s arms,” Polites wrote. “Welcome to the family sweet baby, 9 months we’ve been waiting to hold you, touch your soft skin, look you in the eyes and see your sweet angel face. We are in absolute heaven with our little boy.”

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