'I thought yoga was soulless and overwhelming – now I need it in my life'

Confession. I was due to do a one-to-one yoga session with international yoga teacher Hannah Barrett via Zoom to tie in with her new book Yoga Happy, but I pulled out.

It would be better for research, I told myself, to experience the book as the reader will, but that’s only a half truth.

In all honesty, the idea of attempting yoga in front of someone else, however supportive they are, was a tad overwhelming for a newbie like myself who’s total experience amounts to a sample class when I first joined the gym.

Aside from my inflexibility, I found the soulless studio, with its fluorescent lighting and tightly packed mats, more unsettling than inspiring, and I never returned.

‘I get it. Yoga can seem really complicated, and something that seems out of reach,’ says 36-year-old Barrett when we chat, minus the yoga moves. She blames the industry’s marketing for the common myths and misconceptions.

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