Hypertension supplements: The FIVE tablets you should take to lower high blood pressure

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High blood pressure, known officially as hypertension, affects approximately 14.4 million people in the UK. If that pressure gets too great, the body could buckle, leaving people vulnerable to both acute and chronic conditions. But the severity need not progress to this level, as people can help correct the mounting pressure with a few supplements.


Omega-3 fish oil tablets have many uses if taken once a day, most notably reducing inflammation.

That quality makes it an indispensable supplement for conditions such as arthritis.

The oil also has a high fatty acid content, and its EPA and DHA levels help decrease blood pressure.


Most doctors will recommend people with high blood pressure increase the amount of potassium in their diet.

Foods such as bananas, peas and sweet potatoes come with a naturally high content that helps reduce the effects of sodium – a blood pressure aggravator.

Those not partial to potassium-rich foods can find the mineral in supplement form at their local supermarket or health foods shop.


Scientists have established a link between magnesium and blood pressure regulation in more than one study.

In practice, they appear to boost nitric oxide production, allowing the body to relax blood vessels.

Chronic sufferers found their hypertension benefitted from roughly 365 to 450mg taken every day.

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Vitamin D

With winter around the corner, most people will want to consider taking vitamin D to counteract a lack of Sun.

But research has found those suffering from hypertension may have a more profound deficiency that supplements could solve.

A review of data taken from 300,000 people with high vitamin D levels found they had a 30 percent reduced risk of high blood pressure.


With spooky season now in full swing, people will have a constant skeletal reminder to keep their bones healthy with a dash of calcium.

But many people may not know the mineral also helps promote vein health.

Taking daily calcium supplements helps ensure blood vessels can tighten and relax at will, helping mitigate some pressure.

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