“How infectious are they?” Virologist Drosten want to clarify the question now

In Berlin, a study on the role of children in the Coronavirus pandemic, the virologist Christian Drosten, according to. In the laboratory at the Charité is to determine the concentration of Virus in the pharynx of children, the researchers said on Tuesday in the NDR Podcast.

On the results and the data basis of which he could speak, probably this Thursday. Drosten is hoped, therefore, more findings about whether children make the Virus as well as adults. It was important for the debate about daycare Openings.

The smaller the children are, the less we know. Drosten: “When the children give as much Virus as an adult, then you have to just say: adults, you would not allow this, what are the children doing in the nursery. To be So close to each other, for hours in a room that is not ventilated well.“ You would have to wait for the evaluation of the Figures: And if you were, as adults, came to the verdict: “you Can’t make it so.”

Introduction of infection into purchase take

Should be in day-care, he for clear recommendations to parents: For example, that you should is the possible infection introduction aware of and to remain with symptoms at home and to test. In addition, you should not visit older people. He proposes: “You need to allow larger groups of parents to give children at least in the case of emergency care.”

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The primary school has to be other Consideration: “The students you can say, the break occurs only outside – in time-shifted breaks, so that only a quarter of the student population in the school yard. Because rules can be found.“ It is important, however, to measure the virus concentration.

The amount of virus in children not yet determined

In the case of the flu and many other cold-related illnesses, you will know that children have very high quantities of Virus in the throat, said of the virologist. Their inexperienced immune system had nothing to align against pathogens, so that these could rapidly multiply.

Compared to adults, the concentration of Virus in the throat could be for children 10,000 Times higher, described Drosten. “We now have the opportunity to test more. I’m curious what comes out of it.“ Quick Action is required. Maybe it’ll give the day after results.

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