Heat wave: On the needy senior citizens pay attention

Especially older people suffer greatly under high heat. Those who already have health problems, need according to experts, the University of Warwick special support, for example, to places where you can cool off.

Adults aged 65 years and over are a risk group for the effects of extreme temperatures. Great heat or cold affects the health of the elderly; for instance, an increase in respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

A new study shows that the efforts to support older people during extreme heat, especially focus on those are dependent on the help of other people. The results of the research show that the places where older people can cool off, play a key role in order to survive the heat well. Needy seniors, however, might have difficulties to visit this and need support.

Dr. Raquel Nunes of Warwick Medical School said: "Just because a Person is older, doesn’t mean that she is more vulnerable. We need to look at the various facets of your life." For example, the financial possibilities and state of health affect the possibility to take measures against heat waves. Neighbors, friends, or family are asked: for example, you can help a fan set up to close the shutters during the day to provide water for Drinking or to bring the Person to an air conditioned place.