Has Boris Johnson had the Covid vaccine?

Superdrug set to roll out coronavirus vaccines across UK

Boris Johnson reintroduced national lockdown for England from Monday in a television address. The Prime Minister warned a new strain of Covid-19 had caused a sudden surge in cases, forcing the country into a battle for the NHS’ survival. The latest lockdown will keep people indoors as health officials continue to administer Covid vaccines.

Has Boris Johnson had the Covid vaccine?

Covid vaccination rollout started well for the Government, with millions of people immunised by the end of 2020.

Most people have accepted them as the only viable way out of the pandemic, but concerns remain about uptake.

Other country leaders have tackled a sense of unease regarding the jabs by having them administered on television, and the Prime Minister has not ruled out doing so himself.

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Allegra Stratton, Mr Johnson’s newly minted spokeswoman who will soon lead the Downing Street briefings, revealed the Prime Minister would be open to the possibility.

But she added he is conflicted as to whether he should have the vaccine before others.

Ms Stratton said: “We all know the character of the prime minister, I don’t think it would be something that he would rule out.

“But what we also know is that he wouldn’t want to take a jab that should be for somebody who is extremely vulnerable, clinically vulnerable, and who should be getting it before him.”

Should he decide to, Mr Johnson would join a host of other world leaders in taking the jab on television.

Many lawmakers in the US, amongst them incoming president Joe Biden and current Vice President Mike Pence, have received the Pfizer jab.

Their efforts hope to counteract online misinformation which suggests the vaccines aren’t safe.

Although manufactured quickly, the pandemic produced international unity which unleashed the resources needed to create a vaccine in a shorter time frame but the same vital development process.

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As such, researchers with Pfizer, BioNTech and Oxford University had the opportunity to conduct all the necessary safety checks.

They found little cause for concerns during their clinical trials, and each jab has had a smooth rollout around the world – with the exception of a few allergic reactions.

These reactions – discovered with the UK rollout last year – were observed in people who already had severe “anaphylactic” responses to other allergens.

Concerns have also emerged regarding the relatively new approach used by some of the vaccine researchers.

They use a process which utilises messenger RNA (mRNA), genetic material which programmes immune response.

People fear the vaccine will alter their DNA, but this is not the case.

The Pfizer and Modern vaccines essentially teach the mRNA how to react to Covid-19, allowing it to foster a long-term immune response.

Traditional vaccines train the immune system to respond differently by introducing a dead (attenuated) virus into the body.

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