Foundation test: spreadable fats were healthier than Butter – there is only one hook!

With Butter in the morning bread tastes twice as good. Just a pity, when on the eve of was forget to get the pack out of the fridge – then this will do nothing with the light passes.

Spreadable fats are superior to the traditional Butter in this respect. Directly out of the fridge coming, is a delicate Mix of Butter and canola oil gorgeous string.

Healthier fat composition of rapeseed oil

Another plus point: spreadable fats outdo normal Butter in addition, in terms of health.

As the Stiftung Warentest in its latest report States that, after 23 products were tested in terms of taste, ingredients, as well as the coating ability.

Although the taste of the coating is fat and the Butter is very similar to, the presence of rapeseed oil, the fat composition is much healthier.

Also, the fat content is generally lower: The tested spreadable fats between fat 57 and 78 percent. In the case of Butter it is, after all, between 82 and 90 percent.

Even cheap products can convince

The taste trumped most of all, this string of fat-to – derr, winner of the test of Weihenstephan. This is listed on the auditor’s “aromatic cream based, with a fresh, light lactic acid, natural smell and taste.”

And landed in second place of the Butter-substitute Arla organic soft Spreadable, which 2006, as the first coating fat was developed. Also for “good” found to have been the cheap own brands of Rewe and Aldi Süd, and with a fair share of rapeseed oil convince could.

Healthy Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Conventional Butter consists mainly of short and medium chain fatty acids. These are for the body, neither particularly good nor particularly harmful.

While the impact of canola oil on the health. The reason is That the vegetable fat contains a lot of polyunsaturated Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

The Omega-3 fatty acid DHA is an important component of cell membranes in the brain and in the eyes, and protects these organs.

In addition, rapeseed oil contains a high proportion of Alpha-linolenic acid, which the body cannot produce itself. This fatty acid can inhibit inflammation, blood clotting and promote blood vessels to expand.

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Vegetable share is nature-friendly

In addition to the positive effects on the body, the unsaturated fatty acids for the coating’s ability to be responsible. Because you will be hard when cooled.

And also environmentally conscious butter lovers need to have a not-so-bad Conscience when eating conventional Butter.

While the purely animal product produced under the food of the größtenCO2 footprint (the production of one kilogram of Butter launches up to 24 kilograms of CO2), are the values of the variant with added canola oil to something better.

The nature, however, will be done a Favor if the lack of animal product is not replaced by environmentally harmful palm oil, whose cultivation throughout the rainforest sections cleared.

The hook: Some fat spreads contain palm oil

Especially with regard to the palm oil share within the ingredients, there are between the products tested were quite large differences.

The spreadable fats, although advertised with “Butter and rapeseed oil” but the ingredients list reveals, in many cases, still other ingredients.

According to the Stiftung Warentest contain fat, five of the 23 tested products, substantial amounts of palm, in two products, the Tester coconut found fat. Both types have for vegetable oils and fats a very large proportion of saturated fatty acids – so not very good for the body

Who wants to know exactly what he smeared on bread, you should study the ingredients list a little more closely.

Products with a high proportion of Palm and coconut fat

Who Palm and coconut oil do not come to the table should, should an arc to the products of Rama and Botterram make. These both contain almost 40 grams of palm fat per 100 grams.

Thus, this content in the products is even higher than that of rapeseed oil and dairy fat healthy is different.

Also Spreads of Deli Reform, Norma and net are made with palm oil or coconut oil enriched. This is the only thorough read of the ingredients list.

The products of Rama and Botterram meadows, the testers, also called 3-MCPD-esters in very high doses may be carcinogenic.

However, a slight sigh of Relief is given To the currently-discussed maximum values for both products do not come.

Otherwise, the Test was in terms of possible pollutants is very good. No plasticizers, ingredients such as mineral oils could be detected by the testers.


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