Five Bio Hacks To Help You Perform Your Best

We get it, life is a constant juggle. From working out, eating well to getting enough sleep it can be a tricky balance. Plus throw in work, a social life and possibly kids – who’s handing out medals for mastering it all? Hands up if you feel like a hamster running on the wheel of life.

At WH we’re not cheaters but we are so down for science-backed stats and hacks that will help make things a whole lot easier. Here’s our go-to list of ways to hack your health everyday *bookmarks page*

1/ Nail a sleep routine

Getting the recommended 8-10 hours of sleep is definitely the dream but like anything quality over quantity is best. First things first make sure you nail your pre-sleep routine, so you don’t spend the first hour rolling around think of your to do list, weekly meal plan and over analysing every other aspect of your day.

Before going to bed you need to prepare our brain and body for slumber. A few pointers include having a warm shower and switching off all screen activity one hour before bed (at least). Dimming the lights of the room you’re in also helps to relax the body and produces serotonin (the happiness hormone).

You can even use scent to send yourself into a slumber “regular use [of essential oils] will reinstate healthy sleep patterns and improve sleep quality,” says aromatherapy specialist, Pat Princi-Jones. It’s all about conditioning your body so that it knows that it’s time to sleep.

WH top tip: Oil Garden’s Sleep Assist not only contains lavender but sweet orange, marjoram and chamomile for a peaceful slumber.

2\ Food as fuel

Look to food as you would fuel for your car, what you put in is what you get out. Diet affects your energy, mood (hormone levels) and performance. Keeping this in mind load up on fruit, vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats and avoid sugars, starchy carbohydrates which will give you an instant high and an often catastrophic crash. This is easier said than done so make sure you’re organised.

WH top tip: Busy week ahead? Food prep is key and if that isn’t an option then look to a healthy food delivery service like Soulara or Marley Spoon.

3\ Supplements

Let’s face it getting your five veg and two fruit isn’t always a priority mid-daily grind. But if you’re looking to perform at your best you need to ensure you’re getting all of the necessary nutrients. Supplements are a great solution for those who are on the go. To help keep your joints strong and healthy look for a supplement with collagen in it.

WH top tip: Naturopathica Collagenix Joints is clinically proven to rebuild joint cartilage, reduce joint pain and improve mobility, in a delicious chewable tablet. You can also head to your doctor for more tailored advice.

4\ Move for you

Gone are the days of seeing exercise as a chore. Our next hack isn’t so much of a hack but the opportunity for you to choose your destiny. Not a fan of running? Spoiler alert: you don’t have to run to get a “runner’s high”. A study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise revealed that 13 minutes is all it takes to gain strength and getting moving at least three times a week decreases your risk of depression by 20%.

WH top tip: Move your body for you, not for a number on a scales, if the gym isn’t your cup of tea think outside of the box try Zumba, hiking, an outdoor bootcamp or be bold with SUP yoga.

5\ Mind over matter

So you’re nailing the four above elements of your life – good work. Now it’s time to clear some headspace to unlock your performance. It sounds counter-intuitive right? To unload your mind instead of filling it up with your latest learnings, projects and never-ending to-do list. Studies have shown that meditation (the art of clearing your mind) actually increases grey matter, improves mental health, and optimizes brain functioning. If you’re feeling overwhelmed at work find a quiet space and meditate for just a couple of minutes to feel the benefits.

WH top tip: Download the free Headspace or Insight Timer app for on-the-go meditation.

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