Female workers in a Japanese shop are encouraged to wear period badges

A store in Japan has introduced an unusual badge system for its female workers.

In an effort to take on the stigma around menstruation in the country, a shop in Osaka is encouraging female team members to wear a special badge to signify that they are on their period.

The paper badge features a manga cartoon character, known as Seiri-chan, sometimes referred to as ‘Little Miss Period’, and is said to symbolise a woman’s menstrual cycle, according to WWD Japan.

The initiative has been launched at the Michi Kake store, which sells female sexual and menstrual products, but women are in no way forced to wear the badges and can decline to do so if they want.

‘In Japan, there is a tendency for women’s sexuality and periods to be subjects “not to be mentioned”,’ store manager Takahiro Imazu told WWD Japan.

‘Not all customers will react positively to [this shop], but the fem tech boom is growing, and the values of young people are changing with it.

‘I might be going a little far in saying this, but I am excited for it to become a shop for solutions for women’s sensitive needs, and to be an asset to the marketplace.’

The store was launched in partnership with the period prediction app, Luna, and customers can explore four sections, with each representing a stage of a woman’s menstrual cycles.

For instance, the blue area is for women who are on their period at that exact time, while the glittering period is for when you have finished your menstrual cycle for the month.

There’s also the turbulence period – for when you’re feeling a bit vexed – and finally, the gloomy period, which represents the time right before your period kicks in.

If you’re around Japan, swing by the shop to pick up some menstrual goodies or take a positive period selfie with a life-sized version of Seiri-chan.

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