Fast food – The quality deteriorates further

Fast food quality continues to decline

Since the 1950s, is a fast food served, particularly in the relevant fast-food chains. If burgers, fried chicken, meat and fish preparations, sugar – and-fat Desserts rich – the typical fast-food dishes are known for their bad influence on the health of the consumers. They consist largely of highly processed meat and dairy products as well as food, which Shine by their “empty calories”, meaning white flour and sugar.

Thus, they contribute enormously to the current Overweight and obesity epidemic, and the risk for cardiovascular diseases, cancer and many more chronic increase disease-inflammatory Civilization.

In spite of Apple slices and organic milk: fast food remains unhealthy!

Although the efforts of fast-food chains to sustainable improvements in the formulation of their menus, the falls overall result, however, despite the “organic Apple” bag (in plastic-packaged canned Apple slices), “fruit-nonsense” (in plastic, pasteurized fruit), organic milk and mineral water Packed rather negative.

Because of the look at the list of ingredients can be health-conscious, consumers almost the blood freeze in the veins: The main wheat flour, processed meat and dairy products, Oils and fats, sugar was in different types (e.g., Dextrose, Glucose – Fructose-syrup, caramel sugar syrup), thickening agent, lemon juice concentrate, flour treatment agents, emulsifiers, acidity regulators, stabilizers, flavors, melting salts, nitrite pickling, etc.-a list, at the beginning of the fast food Era, no longer are the ingredients. At the Ingredients, nothing is changed.

Study: fast food is more unhealthy than ever!

In a study at the end of February 2019 in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics was published, showed that today’s fast food is more unhealthy than ever and the where fast-food chains for years to announce, especially for children healthier Alternatives to offer.

To the already above-mentioned, however, in the offer of fast-food restaurants actually nothing that you could, in good conscience, to his children in order. And for a salad without Dressing is not also available, because many people find the Dressing of sugar, salt and preservatives so delicious – you have to go, surely not to eat.

Larger portions, more calories and more salt

The researchers of the aforementioned study analyzed the selection, portion sizes and the nutrient content of main dishes, side dishes and Desserts in the ten most popular fast food chains of the United States (e.g., Burger King, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Jack in the Box) – and over a period of three decades (1986 to 2016).

Without a doubt, the selection of fast food dishes in the past 30 years, however, their serving size and calorie content. The largest calorie increase was in the area of Desserts. There, the calorie content has increased since the 1980s to an average of 180 kcal per Serving. And main meals from today, almost 100 kcal more than once.

Also the salt content of the food increased and this is true for all dishes to choose. The higher the salinity is, however, the greater the thirst and the more sugar-rich soft drinks will be drunk, at the same time, a high salt content increases the desire to have Desserts, so that salt over this detour is a noticeable risk factor for Obesity.

Fast food: a secondary cause for Obesity and chronic diseases

“Because fast food is so popular, and often eaten, is the suspicion that the growing portions of the rising calorie content considerably to the currently so widespread Obesity and the equally widespread chronic illnesses,” said the study’s leader, Megan McCrory, a Professor at the Boston University in Massachusetts.

More Calcium in fast food

McCrory and her Team noted, however, that today’s fast food contains more Calcium and slightly more iron than once. Calcium is contained in larger quantities in main dishes and Desserts, while the iron content had increased in Desserts.

Presumably it is the increased use of cheese in the burgers, which led to higher calcium content in the main dishes. And there in the past not nearly as many milk shakes on offer, it is not surprising also in the Dessert section of the higher calcium content. However, in terms of iron, so Desserts are enriched in the USA, probably because the ingredients lists of, for example, McDonald’s in Germany have no significant sources of Iron to the light of day.

Calcium alone is no guarantee for health

Who now believes, however, to do his bone something especially Good, if he eats the wonderful calcium-rich fast-food, has deceived. The other ingredients ensure that the bone (and all other organs) suffer more than benefit.

Since a fast-food milk shake is primarily made up of sugar and served chocolate syrup don’t need four different types of sugar to satisfy the sweet craving of fast food consumers.

That bone does not remain also alone with Calcium even healthy for a long time, is also already known for decades.

Get out of the fast food trap!

Nevertheless, the food in the U.S., according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 36 percent of the adult daily fast food. Worse still, According to a study by the University of Connecticut (2018) to buy 74 percent of the parents to their children at a fast food restaurant, unhealthy drinks and Snacks – even if there is a healthier Alternative.

Fast food is a kind of addiction. Because, just like the first cigarette doesn’t taste, doesn’t taste fast food, basically, until you get used to it – and then imagines that it was delicious. Get out of the fast food trap!