Extremely rare disease: Anna dies with 8 – she had Years of the body of a 80-

Since its birth, the little Anna from the Ukraine was suffering from a very rare disease: The little girl is suffering from the Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome or Progeria is called – your body has aged much faster than he should. Now, the little Anna died.

According to the British "Daily Mail", the reports on the case, Anna weighed eight years, just eight kilograms. The extremely rare disease worldwide, only about 200 children suffer, ensures that your body is aging extremely quickly. "For children with Progeria every year is equivalent to about eight to ten Jahren", Anna’s Doctor, Dr. Nadezhda Kataman of the &quot says;Daily Mail". "Your bones were growing only slowly, while their bodies very quickly larger wurden", said the Doctor. To the death of multiple organ eventually led to the failure.

Shortly after their birth, the rare disease had been found in Anna. Children suffering from the disease, have seizures, has a life expectancy of only 14 years, and die mostly due to heart attack or stroke. "Anna suffered seizures several shock, her limbs were gelähmt", so Kataman to the "Daily Mail".

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