Everything You Need To Know About Using Chrysocolla

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By Preston Smith/Aug. 30, 2021 11:29 am EDT

Crystals contain many properties that make them valuable for everyday use, nonetheless them being pretty to look at. Like prescription medicines, healing crystals come in many varieties, and they each do something different for your body. Aragonite can do many things for your mind and body, and what it can’t do, pyrite might be able to accomplish. Or perhaps you need clear quartz or sodalite. Each of these crystals can do different things because of their different formations. They come from the earth and the other elements, which imbue them with spiritual energy.

While these are all great crystals, no true collection is complete with chrysocolla. This crystal is fun to say and even sounds like the name of a beautiful city somewhere, but it’s actually a vibrant blue and green mineral that also contains copper. According to Charms of Light, chrysocolla is so colorful that it’s often referred to as Peruvian turquoise in Peru. While it shares similar colors to turquoise, it’s completely different. Instead, chrysocolla as a mineral is associated with the zodiac signs Gemini, Virgo, and Taurus, the water element, the number five, and the throat and heart chakras.

Because it contains copper in it, Chrysocolla is most commonly found in places that have large copper deposits such as Mexico, Arizona in the United States, and many parts of Africa (via Fire Mountain Gems). It’s historically been used by Ancient Egyptians and Native Americans for a multitude of metaphysical practices.

Chrysocolla boasts a wealth of benefits

Metaphysically, chrysocolla is a rich gem, and it’s no wonder that people have been using it for thousands of years. According to Tiny Rituals, chrysocolla is a mineral of “communication, teaching, and transformation,” which means that it’s encouraging, wanting you to never stop learning in life. It makes you curious, and it uses its feminine powers to push you in the direction you need to go in life.

Moreover, chrysocolla “draws out guilt, heals heartache, and increases the capacity to love,” according to Charms of Light. It helps your self-awareness in life, and it aids your levels of sensitivity. Because of these things, it also boosts your creativity, which can help you express the person you are inside.

Physically, chrysocolla “treats arthritis, bone disease, osteoporosis, muscle spasms, blood disorders, and lung problems,” per Charms of Light. It also aids in vital organ health, helping your kidneys, lungs, and intestines. It can also help alleviate pains and cramps in your body, making it a crystal that you want to have on hand for everyday pains and everyday use. With powers like this, it’s clear to see why people have employed this crystal’s use for thousands of years — and why it’ll continue to get used forever.

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