Even Ibuprofen affected by the supply shortages of medicines are piling up

“Currently, 226 of the messages, which have a limited availability or a shortage of supply has been notified,” said a spokeswoman for the Federal Institute for drugs and medical products (BfArM) of the düsseldorf “Rheinische Post” (Saturday). In 2013, only 40 funds were reported to the Bonn-based Federal Institute therefore, with supply problems, re -, 2018 and 264.

Apotherverband: in the past, there were sporadic drug shortages

Thomas price, head of the pharmacists Association of North Rhine, said to the newspaper: “in the past, there were a few bottlenecks today, pharmacies have, on average, considerably more than 100 positions not available in a certain dosage for a certain pharmaceutical form, sometimes lacking the active ingredient entirely.”

Pharmacies and Doctors tried in order to replacement products, the alternative product might have more side effects

Why there are more and more constraints on supply?

Reasons for the shortages are many. So many substances are produced now in India, China, and Israel, and to be pressed by the German manufacturers, only tablets and Packed, as price says.

With the prosperity in the world, the Product demand increases also. Discount contracts with health insurance companies contribute to shortages, warn the pharmacist. Thereafter, the Insured persons of a Fund are permitted to use only the blood pressure-lowering drug from selected manufacturers.