Eustress: This kind of Stress is even healthy

Stress is a discredited – and with good reason. Because, in the meantime, it is known that hardly any other cause so many diseases can be based, such as Stress.

Such as ‘Healthline’ reports, the result of this Knowledge, in the meantime, however, many people, the concern to get in Stress that leads to back again Stress. A Vicious Circle!

Therefore, it may be useful to keep in mind that Stress also has positive sides.

Can Stress be healthy?

Stress triggers in the body alert. As a result, our circulation is brought about by adrenaline, momentum, enhancing breathing and digestion slow down, and in addition, the vision sharpens.

The effect is similar to caffeine, which also provides for a boost of energy and alertness, as well as the response time can improve.

Charley Melson, Director of the addiction treatment programme ‘practice by Landmark Recovery in Louisville, Kentucky, explains to ‘Healthline’, that moderate psychological Stress “of students and professional can people be thought of as a Form of Motivation used to achieve goals and meet deadlines.”

Stress can contribute not only to stay alert and concentrated, but even the memory improve.

If positive Eustress and negative Distress is

As the Harvard researchers noted, however, the opposite may be the case of chronic Stress is the case.

In 2018, a Team of scientists reported that people with high cortisol levels sections in memory tests bad.

In clinical terms, a distinction in this context between Eustress, which refers to positive Stress, and negative Distress.

In pictures: 11 helpful tips to fight Stress

While Eustress has a positive impact on performance and well-being, can Distress lead to a whole range of different health problems.

Heart disease, Diabetes, decreased Libido, gastrointestinal problems, and sleeping and eating disorders are just some of the consequences that can be associated with a longer period of time increased stress levels in the connection.

Dr. Lisa Damour, author of the book ‘Under Pressure: Confronting the Epidemic of Stress and Anxiety in Girls’: “fear is unhealthy, if the Alarm doesn’t make any sense. Sometimes people without basic routine feel moderately anxious. In other cases, the Alarm is disproportionate to the threat, for example, if a student will be forfeited in case of a small Test in a panic attack. “

In such cases, seminars and therapies, in which various methods for coping with Stress are taught, can help.

Stress is a part of life

“If people are able to recognize the difference between positive Stress and negative Stress, you can begin to use your Stress and your fear to your advantage,” explains Kristen Fescoe, clinical program Manager at ‘Resility Health in Jacksonville, Florida.

A call to confession of Damour in your book. In addition, she gives the tip to detach from the idea that you should consistently feel calm and relaxed.

“Who has the impression that he or she could be permanently happy, you can be disappointed in his daily experience, actually.”

Or, in other words: It can actually relax, admitting that you can’t always be calm and Stress for life is easy – and that’s not so bad.


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