Escape rooms are a safe entertainment option

Due to to coronavirus pandemic, most people were confined to their home. Many spent their time playing mobile games. With the number of infections reducing in most countries like Canada, now people are looking forward to spending time outside their home and are looking for suitable entertainment options.

With movie theaters, sports stadiums, music concerts, plays still not an option since a large number of people will be attending, one of the safest entertainment options are the escape rooms from Escape Hour in Calgary and Edmonton.

One of the reasons why the escape room is a safe option for entertainment is because it is a quest game where the members of the team will work together to find clues, solve puzzles to escape from the room they have been locked in. To make the escape game more exciting the team has to find a way to exit the escape room within one hour only. All bookings for the escape room are for private groups only. So when a room is booked, the person booking the room will decide who will participate in the game with him, he will not have to spend time with strangers. Thus the person does not have to worry that he will catch an infectious disease from an unknown person which is a major problem in theaters, sports stadiums and other entertainment venues.

There are a wide variety of escape rooms which vary in their theme, level of difficulty and number of people who can play the game together. Though the minimum number of persons for any escape room is two, the person booking the locker room can have up to ten people in his team. For some escape rooms, the maximum number of team members may be eight. It is advisable to choose the escape room theme based on the level of experience of the team members. If the team members are inexperienced, it is advisable to hire a less difficult room. If all the team members have some experience in playing escape games, it is advisable to try more complex escape rooms.

To help those playing the escape games in their quest of escaping the room, each escape room has a game master who will be monitoring the team over camera. The game master will initially explain the rules of the escape game, and also provide clues to the team if they are unable to escape. So for people living in or visiting Calgary or Edmonton and looking for suitable entertainment options, escape rooms are highly recommended.