Eczema treatment: This plant-based gel could reduce the inflammation

Eczema is a skin condition that causes patches of skin to become itchy and irritated. It causes the skin to crack and bleed, making a person more likely to get skin infections. Treatments aim to keep the skin hydrated, reduce inflammation, and prevent skin infections. Many people turn to natural remedies to help soothe patches caused by the condition. What plant-based gel helps with eczema?

Aloe vera is known as ‘the healing plant’. Aloe vera is well known for its considerable medicinal properties.

The plant-based gel is one of the richest natural sources of health for human beings.

The chemistry of the plant has revealed the presence of more than 200 different biologically active substances.

Many of the biological properties are contributed by the inner gel of the leaves.

Aloe vera gel is a natural moisturiser.

Many people find that aloe vera gel can hydrate and soothe eczema-damaged skin.

Aloe vera’s wound-healing properties may help patches of broken skin to heal more quickly.

Many beneficial effects of this plant have been attributed to the polysaccharides present in the pulp

Science Direct

In a study with ScienceDirect, aloe vera’s biological properties and clinical effectiveness was investigated.

The study said: “Many beneficial effects of this plant have been attributed to the polysaccharides present in the pulp. the clear pulp which is also known as gel is widely used in various medical, cosmetic, and nutraceutical applications.

“The plant exhibits many pharmacological activities such as antioxidant, antimicrobial, immune boosting, and wound healing.

“Many traditional uses are also reported such as burn injury, eczema, inflammation and fever, which continue to be studied.” 

In a 2017 study, an ointment containing a mixture of aloe vera and chamomile helped to relieve the symptoms of dermatitis for babies.

Natural treatments can reduce eczema symptoms, but there is no cure for the condition.

For a person to prevent eczema, it is important to identify the specific causes and triggers and avoid them as much as possible.

Talk to a doctor about how to treat and prevent eczema.

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