Easy natural hacks to get rid of a blocked nose – including ‘game-changer’ shake

There are loads of helpful ways we can tackle the irritating issue of a blocked nose, including some advice from an Olympic canoeist.

Blocked noses are a real nuisance and though completely harmless, they can leave us feeling bunged up when we have a cold, Covid or hay fever.

The nasal problem can also mean that we sound a little strange too, not great for work meetings as our colleagues wonder why we sound like our vocal cords are imitating the bagpipes.

There are some useful and simple tricks to get rid of blocked noses quickly, with some simple hacks making sure of shifting the gunk and grime from our hooter.

There are of course decongestants that work, but we don't always feel like we can go to the shops when we are clogged up with a cold.

One trick comes straight from the Olympics as Adam Burgess gives us some useful advice on getting rid of a blocked nose.

How do I get rid of a blocked nose?

Getting rid of a blocked nose can be really easy with the following easy hacks and tricks.

Shake your head from side to side

Olympian canoeist Adam Burgess took to TikTok to say that shaking your head from side to side can help.

He says to do this while holding your nose and it is an absolute 'game-changer'.

He said: "So to do this, after a normal exhale, I want you to hold your breath, pinch your nose and move your head from side to side.

"Hold [your] breath until you get a medium air shortage, nothing crazy, and take the next inhale through the nose. Repeat it as many times as you need to."

You can watch the video here.


Steam could be the answer to your blocked nose, so holding your face over a cup of steaming Lempsip , tea or coffee might help to unlock your nose.

The steam is supposed to thin out the mucus in your nose, allowing it to clear.

You may just want to take a hot shower instead if you are no fan of hot drinks.

Warm towel

Similar to the steam hack, holding a hot towel gently over your head, wet from hot water, may also do the trick.

Breathing in wet air helps keep mucous membranes moist, and allows them to function properly, according to the Express.

Soak a towel in warm water and wring it out before draping it carefully over your face so that you can still breathe comfortably.


This is a natural drink to unblock your nose and peppermint is used in a range of products and decongestants as a result.

You can drink hot peppermint tea, use peppermint chest rubs, or suck some cough drops to try and break down the mucus clogging up your nose.

Sleeping with a raised head

Sleeping with a raised head may help you get rid of a blocked nose.

You may often feel like you go to bed fine and wake up finding that your nose is blocked, or worse than it was the night before.

If you sleep with a head raised up slightly, with the chin in a downward position, it can help you to clear your sinuses.

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