Dr Amir’s surprising hack to stay cool today – drink the nation’s favourite hot drink

Heatwave hacks: Dr Amir shares tips to stay cool in hot weather

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Met Office forecaster Greg Dewhurst said it could possibly be “the hottest day of the year so far” on Monday. As the blisteringly hot heatwave gets underway, Britons are being urged to take precautions to protect themselves. One tip may come as a surprise to many.

An ice cold drink is a natural go-to as temperatures rage but this solution is misguided.

Speaking on ITV’s Lorraine, Doctor Amir said to plumb for a hot drink instead.

That’s because drinking a hot beverage will “force your blood vessels to dilate and blood circulation to the surface of the skin”, the TV doc said.

“This will help to release heat from the blood as it evaporates out.”

Also, as you drink hot drinks you sweat more and as that sweat evaporates you cool off, notes Doctor Amir.

“So instead of of an ice tea, pop the kettle on and have a cup of normal tea instead,” advised the TV doc.

This is not the only hack Doctor Amir had up his sleeve to stay cool.

He also suggested getting an ice pack and ice cubes and putting them in front of a fan.

This will blow “cool air” in in your face, effectively giving you a “homemade AC unit”, said Doctor Amir.

Other key tips to stay cool

There are other simple hacks that can help to regulate your body temperature while indoors.

According to the NHS, closing curtains on rooms that face the sun can help keep indoor spaces cooler.

Remember it may be cooler outdoors than indoors, the health body adds.

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