Don’t let motion sickness rain on your parade; these natural remedies may help

Stopping every now and then, so you can take a 'barf break' may prove to be a dampener.

Motion sickness is extremely discouraging and uncomfortable, especially when it happens on a well-planned trip. It spoils the journey for you and your pals. Stopping every now and then, so you can take a ‘barf break’ may prove to be a dampener. But, if you are reluctantly postponing your trip because of this, here’s a breather: there exist some simple natural remedies to alleviate your nausea. So read up, and then go ahead and plan a nice, long weekend trip.

Ginger to the rescue

Those who get sick on long car rides, say that keeping a ginger-flavoured lozenge in their mouth helps a great deal. So, for your next trip, bring in lozenges, ginger ale and even dry capsules to keep nausea away. The spice has antioxidant substances called ‘gingerols’ which help with both car and sea sickness.

Sit in the front seat

Fasten your seat belt and take your place next to the driver. Experts say that if you sit in the front and look directly at the road, you can trick your body into believing it is not moving. Besides, you can get good views on the side and in the front. Motion sickness happens because of pressure in high altitudes and fluid distribution in the ear.

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Eat something

Eat light when you are travelling, but never do it on an empty stomach. Nausea and vomiting — both symptoms of motion sickness — get worse when your stomach is empty. And before you know it, you may be throwing up bile. This could lead to other health complications. Always eat something, and keep munching.

Try aromatherapy

Some people say they find aromatherapy extremely helpful. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “stimulating your other senses can distract you from the motion”. Carry essential oils like ginger, peppermint, lavender, to name a few.

Keep yourself steady

Carry a headrest. By keeping your head steady, you may be able to minimise the motion and fight the sickness. Also, you can sit with your eyes closed so as to distract yourself and not think about the queasiness.

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