Doctor shares hangover cures to get rid of your headache and sickness fast

If you’ve been enjoying your Christmas bubble a bit too much, you may have woken up this morning with a sore head.

For many people, Christmas means copious amounts of food and booze with family and friends.

We might not be able to go on Christmas work parties and nights out, but it doesn’t mean you won’t be enjoying yourself.

But all the fun and socialising inevitably has a horrible consequence – the dreaded hangover the next day.

Splitting headaches, sickness and dizziness can make you think – was it actually worth it?

But never fear, because there are things you can do to alleviate the symptoms of a hangover and make yourself feel better.

NHS Dr Ross Perry, Medical Director of CosmedicsUK, previously told Daily Star that you should be drinking water between alcoholic beverages.

This will “not only help with your hangover the following day, but will do wonders for your teeth too as it rinses away any sugar and acid left in the mouth,” he said.

The next day you should be eating foods containing potassium, because alcohol blocks the production of a hormone that helps your body to hold on to water.

This leads to dehydration and the loss of electrolytes.

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So to combat this you can try to eat bananas, oranges, apricots, grapefruit, honeydew and cantaloupe melon, leafy greens, spinach, broccoli, potatoes, mushroom and peas.

This will hopefully “lessen the hangover and replenish the loss of electrolytes making you feel better quicker”.

Another thing that could help is having a healthy dose of vitamin C before and after drinking.

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As well as taking paracetamol, Dr Perry also says you should head outside to get some fresh air.

He said: “A walk outside is a better option than over exerting yourself in the gym as this can just make you feel more dehydrated and worsen the banging head.”

Even though your first thought might be to reach for comfort food such as pizza and chocolate, Dr Perry warns this might make you feel worse.

He explained: “Instead, reach for the fruit bowl or opt to have a bowl of porridge with honey and banana to try and replenish some of the nutrients your body may have lost.”

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