Dangerous advice: 5 fitness tips you should not follow better

Fitness tips to get (Amateur)athletes, in the meantime, only from experienced coaches, but also by numerous bloggers and celebrity mente share your training advice on the net, some make their own Workouts and fitness programs available.

This variety of tips and allegations, it may be difficult for beginners to keep track of them.

The Problem is that not all training tips are true. Anyone who thinks, for example, only Training with high Weights brings successes and muscle soreness is the best confirmation for an intense Workout, you should definitely read on.

Because according to experts, one should not pay heed to the following five fitness tips better.

1. Pain during the workout is good

To feel during the workout, a Pull in the muscles, is totally normal. Especially strength training of the muscles demands a lot – that does not mean, however, that pain to the Training part of it.

“There is a big difference between a Pull and muscle pain. Those who ignore pain, you risk injury,” says Trainer Mike Boyle to the Portal ‘Health24.com’.

“I ask my customers regularly whether the Exercises cause pain when you Genk. If you answer ‘Yes’, I finish the Training,” said the expert. Also, muscle soreness is not to be underestimated, finally, there were small injuries in the muscles.

Boyle’s tip for a smoother workout: Workouts for example, doing Exercises that cause no pain, with dumbbells instead of the barbell bench.

2. Only with a high weight exercise

“Go big or Go home” is the Mantra of many bodybuilders. This means that You should train with as heavy Weights to build muscle. However, nothing speaks, so far as one is already an experienced strength athletes.

All the others should align your Training, however, according to the height of the weight. “The principle of ‘Go big or go home’ prophesied not effective workout, but injuries,” says coach Bernard Yang Kim.

Better to have a consistent Training, you can increase the weight gradually is. It is only when the Exercises can be executed properly, you should grab dumbbells, Kettlebell, and co..

3. Crunches to protect the spine

This claim is false, says Tony Gentil core, the American fitness trainer. Crunches and Sit-Ups can help quite, a six-pack build. However, the abdominal exercises are not particularly gentle on the back and the spine.

The repeated Bending of the back could cause Gentil core back pain and existing damage to strengthen.

As an alternative to Crunches the expert stability exercises is recommended, for example, with a gym ball.

4. In between sets do not pause

Some athletes swear by it for strength training in between sets, no break, on the way of building muscle is to be stimulated. Experts advise against this approach, however, is a matter of urgency.

“The muscles enough time to Regenerate, you will be tired more quickly, and you can’t the maximum performance from your workout get out,” says Sal Marinello, head coach at ‘Athletic Development Coaching in New Jersey.

5. Many repetitions in a short period of time

In many fitness studios, you can see that Trainin measure the lift at the end of the Weight – two of either or in the group. “In this Form of group workout, there are a few instructions from the coach. It is primarily about creating as many repetitions in a short period of time – for example, in 60 seconds,” says Studio owner Chris Bathke.

The technology will vernachlässgt often. The probability of a violation thereof, to carry, is then high. Particularly challenging Exercises with barbells such as Deadlifts or Squats involve a Verletzunsgrisiko.

Julia Are

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