Dame Sally Davies calls for more honesty when discussing obesity

Dame Sally praised the recent Cancer Research UK campaign which raises awareness that obesity causes cancer and she called for a raft of measures to halt the problem. The outgoing CMO, speaking on Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs today, admitted she has been criticised for discussing obesity but denied she was the country’s “nanny in chief”. She said: “I do think we have to be honest about it and not pretend people are not overweight or obese.

We need to have an environment where it is easy to take the healthy option and that does mean not displaying chocolates and sweets at the supermarket checkout.”

She called for better weight-management services in the community and for people on low incomes to have a better access to healthier foods.

“We have to make sure poorer people can afford a healthy grocery basket and that means low in fat, low in calories and low in salt.”

Desert Island Discs, BBC Radio 4, today at 11.15am.

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