Coronavirus side effects: The virus could cause eye symptoms including nodules on eyeballs

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There have been many reports of symptoms of COVID-19 affecting the eyes including conjunctivitis and sore eyes. Now researchers warn of nodules on the eyeballs caused by the virus.

A study of 129 French patients who had overcome severe COVID-19 took part in the study.

The patients underwent MRI scans which revealed some abnormalities in their eyes.

A total of nine out of the 129 appeared to have these nodules accounting for roughly 7 percent.

Researchers have now warned those infected with COVID-19 may trigger inflammation of the eyeballs which leads to the formation of the nodules found at the back of the organ.

Images produced by the MRI showed at least one nodule found in the region of the eye which is integral to central vision.

The cause for these nodules was hypothesised by the researchers to be linked with inflammation triggered by COVID-19 and a common manifestation of the virus.

Lead author of the study, Dr Augustin Lecler from the University of Paris said of the findings: “We showed that a few patients with severe COVID-19 from the French COVID-19 cohort had one or several nodules of the posterior pole of the globe.

“This is the first time these findings have been described using MRI.”

When a person has chronic inflammation, their body’s inflammatory response can eventually start damaging healthy cells, tissues, and organs.

Over time, this can lead to DNA damage, tissue death, and internal scarring.

All of these are linked to ailing body parts and development of several diseases.

The researchers are performing follow-up clinical and MRI examinations in the survivors to monitor the nodules and see if they carry any clinical consequences such as vision loss or visual field impairment.

Dr Lecler added: “We have launched a prospective study with dedicated high-resolution images for exploring the eye and orbit in patients with light to moderate Covid.

“Therefore, we will be able to know whether our findings were specific to severe Covid patients or not.”

Eye problems caused by COVID-19

The COVID-19 virus may cause eye problems such as enlarged, red blood vessels, swollen eyelids, excessive watering and increased discharge.

“Your eyes are lined by mucous membranes, a thick protective fluid,” explains Optimax. “Primarily, this membrane is to stop dirt and grit from entering your body through the eyes, as well as ensuring that your eyes stay well hydrated.

“However, with COVID-19, this mucous membrane becomes an easy point of access for the virus to enter your body.”

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