Coleen Nolan health: Star made drastic changes to avoid cancer – ‘I’m eating to live’

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Having been told that her own chances of developing cancer is “incredibly high” due to inherited genetics, Nolan decided to monitor changes in her body extremely closely. She even took part in the latest Strictly: The Real Full Monty in a bid to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research. Back in April 2021, Nolan also revealed that she had adopted a vegan diet in order to avoid cancer and diabetes, which other members in her family have too.

Admitting that the plant-based diet won’t be able to prevent cancer altogether the TV star went on to say: “The main reason for doing it is my sisters’ cancer diagnosis and family members have diabetes.

“Here’s the thing – some of it I don’t like. I love my dairy and chocolate, but I’ve really got used to it and trained my taste buds.

“I’m eating to live rather than living to eat.”

Despite finding difficulties with the diet, the star went on to say that she feels the best she has “in years”.

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Nolan added: “Never weighed myself. The weight comes off. What I’m bothered about is I feel so much better.

“Yeah best I’ve felt for years. I’ve changed my eating habits. I’ve lost weight. I’ve never felt better.”

Having discovered the benefits of a vegan diet for herself, Nolan has taken to her social media to encourage her followers to buy alternative dairy products.

She shared: “I’ve noticed in the shops, it’s all changing. Vegetarian and veganism getting bigger. Alternatives are amazing… and you know what, I’ve even got plant-based milk in my tea.

“I started out doing it once a week, seeing how I liked it… so it’s totally up to you. There’s loads out there to choose from and whatever you decide to do is fine.”

The Mayo Clinic reports that “decades of research suggests that the best diet for cancer prevention is all about plants” meaning that a diet consisting of little to no meat or other animal products are favourable.

In fact, the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Programme dietitian Angie Murad commented: “There is a lot more evidence to move towards a plant-based diet.” She condemned other studies which have called this into question.

One explanation for this is that plants produce phytochemicals (literally, plant chemicals) that may protect cells from damage. Murad explains that phytochemicals have many beneficial effects, including that they are anti-inflammatory. Another reason is that plant-based foods may boost fibre consumption.

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In one review each additional three-and-a-half ounces of red meat a day raised the relative risk of colorectal polyps by two percent. Just half as much daily processed meat — such as deli meats or hot dogs — raised the risk by 29 percent.

In slight contrast, Cancer Research UK notes about the importance of a healthy diet. Not mentioning specifically a vegan diet, the website states: “Eating a healthy and balanced diet can reduce the risk of cancer.”

The leading charity goes on to state that cutting down on specific foods and drink will help individuals to keep a healthy balanced diet.

These include:

  • Processed and red meat – eating a lot of processed meat or red meat can increase the risk of bowel cancer
  • Alcohol – alcohol causes seven types of cancer. So, whatever your drinking habits, cutting down reduces the risk.

On the other hand there are no “superfoods” that can guarantee an individual will not get cancer, but there are some that can significantly reduce the risk of some types of cancers, such as bowel cancer.

These include:

  • High-fibre foods – foods like wholegrain bread, pasta and rice or having vegetables with every meal
  • Dairy – food and drinks like cheese and milk can reduce the risk of bowel cancer.

Overall, following a healthy diet consisting of fruit, vegetables, wholegrains and healthy sources of protein can help to keep your body in the best shape.

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