Chris Kamara regrets not getting health condition checked sooner

Chris Kamara discusses his apraxia diagnosis

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Charismatic footie pundit Chris Kamara has shed further light on his battle with apraxia of speech – a neurological disorder that makes it hard to speak. The disorder can make saying the right sounds and words very difficult. The sporting legend went public about his diagnosis in March.

In an exclusive new interview with The Sun, Kamara said putting off seeing his doctor might have had devastating consequences.

The 64-year-old said: “The doctor said if I’d gone in those first two or three months and had my thyroid checked then I might have been OK.

“But because I left it, everything happening in the body — the balance, the muscle weakening — came from the fact I didn’t tell anybody.

“I feel I’ve let my wife and family down by being a dinosaur and not getting checked out.”

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