Blood circulation stimulate: Ingenious tips to fight the Freeze in the office

When the temperatures drop in the winter months, be turned up in the premises most of the time the heaters – even in the workplace.

Especially in large offices, the Enigung can lead to a angemessesne number of degrees, however, the discussions.

No wonder that many cold-sensitive people are freezing even during working hours. Debt can be in addition to Heizdebatten a disorder of the blood circulation.

Causes of blood circulation disorders

A good blood circulation is essential for the physical health, because the blood system transports important nutrients and supplies our organs with fresh oxygen.

Causes of circulatory disorders, an unhealthy Lifestyle with a lot of alcohol, nicotine and caffeine, fatty and high sugar-containing foods and little exercise are often.

Elevated cholesterol levels, Obesity and increased blood fat values are usually the result. But also diseases such as Diabetes, or arteriosclerosis can be the trigger for disturbances in the blood circulation.

Just people sitting in their everyday life and little to move, are prone to blood circulation disorders. Freeze actually faster than other.

3 quick ways to encourage blood circulation

A good blood circulation can prevent them from freezing during the winter months on the job constantly.

Dr. Evelina Grayver, Director, coronary station at North Shore University Hospital in New York reveals three different approaches to a solution, as it can stimulate the circulation of blood in the office.

1. Leg raise in a Sitting position

You sit upright on his office chair and straightens the left leg so that the extending leg parallel to the floor – this Position is held for 10 seconds.

Then repeated the process with the right leg. The Whole is then executed 15 Times for each leg. Additional Weights, for example, a bag, intensify the Exercise.

2. Dips on chair

For this Exercise, you will move to the front edge of the office chair and the heels is about a meters away from the chair on the floor.

The hands, one positioned to the right and to the left on the chair next to his hip.

Now, relying on his arms, so that the Po is in the air and then with a straight back as deeply as possible in the direction of the sink to the bottom. After that, you press with both arms back up to the top.

Make sure that the chair remains stable.

3. Weight-lift with water bottles

To stimulate the blood flow you can also, quite simply, to two filled water bottles and use them as Weights to use.

So you can take, for example, a bottle in each Hand and over the head press.

This Exercise 15 Times in three sets, repeat.

Another Exercise that is easy with the water bottle perform is the bicep Curl – 20 reps in three sets.

3 tips, in order to promote the circulation of the blood in the long term

In order to improve the blood circulation in the long term, you can integrate some of the tips and Tricks in everyday life.

1. Proper nutrition

For the blood flow to a healthy and balanced diet is as important as drinking sufficient.

In addition, you can flavor food with turmeric. The yellow Plant may platelet the Clumping of the blood and the clogging of the vessels prevent.

2. Sufficient Movement

Apart from having the right nutrition is also an extensive walk can boost blood circulation.

Also, exercising helps. It doesn’t have to be always equal to high performance sport moderate Swimming, Hiking, or Cycling can work miracles.

3. Contrast showers

Also hot and cold showers can stimulate the circulation of blood. In the cold water of the vessels, when it is warm, they will stretch.

So to improve vessels the contractile ability of the blood and thus in the long term, the circulation of the blood

Antonia Hagedorn

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