Blackberries Have More Health Benefits Than They Are Given Credit For- Even The Frozen Kind!

The nutritional value of blackberries cannot be overstated. Summer just does not start officially until bushels of blackberries are available everywhere, especially the farmer’s market. You can find this amazing fruit in just about everyone’s homes throughout the warm months. But, why should this outstanding fruit be confined to just one season?

In case you weren’t already aware, blackberries are available all year round. You would just have to look for them in a separate aisle. The next time that you’re craving blackberries in the winter, check the frozen section at your local grocery store. Even in frozen form, they have immense nutritional value and they are absolutely delicious!

Here are some benefits of blackberries all year round!

  • They are rich in fiber

    Just one cup of blackberries- whether fresh or frozen- contains 8 grams of fiber. This amounts to only 60 calories! Nutritionists recommend taking 24 grams of fiber a day. You can knock off a third of that requirement by eating just a cup of blackberries. Isn’t that amazing? Fiber is very beneficial for the human body. It supports weight loss, boosts immunity and digestive health, regulates blood sugar and insulin levels, and curbs cholesterol

  • They are rich in Vitamin C

    Just one cup of blackberries- particularly in raw form- contains 30 percent of the daily bodily requirement of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential for DNA repair, the production of collagen, and of serotonin in the body. It also helps to boost your immunity and keeps your skin healthy.

  • They support bone health

    Just one cup of blackberries in raw form contains about 25 percent of the daily body requirement of Vitamin K, as well. This vitamin actively prevents your blood from clotting and keeps your bones healthy! Additionally, it boosts collagen production which keeps your joints and skin healthy.

  • They can improve brain health

    Blackberries contain antioxidants which are known for reducing brain inflammation by changing the manner in which neurons communicate. This helps postpone memory-loss that comes from old-age. It also prevents cognitive decline and protects motor coordination!

With all these added benefits, who wouldn’t become an instant fan of blackberries? The best part is that you can add them to a ton of different items to make a yummy dish. Popular items include oatmeal, yogurt, acai bowls, and salads!  They can also be used as toppings for your favorite desserts!

Blackberries also contribute greatly to the latest smoothie trend. Whether frozen or fresh, you can make delicious smoothies from the blackberries chilling in your fridge (or freezer). For improved nutritional value, experiment by throwing in some fun ingredients and share the recipe with the world!

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