Bee stung: The note

Bee stung: A Bee sting is painful and can cause allergic severe reactions. Especially in summer, contact with bees, but can be practically difficult to avoid. FOCUS Online explains what you should do in case of a Bee sting.

The bee is actually an insect that is considered to be very peace-loving and only zusticht, if it feels threatened. A threat may be present for the bees but already then, if you wag with hands, as not to scare away the animal from your food. In addition, many people are simply in a panic when they see a bee. This makes the animal turn to fear, so it zusticht maybe.

However, dying bees in General, after you stab him, so you do that for a reason. Also, you have the instinct of a great Survival. Nevertheless, there may be a stitch, and in this case, you should respond as quickly as possible.

The first reactions to a sting of a bee

Healthy people can withstand the sting of a bee, nothing. You will feel a sharp pain that turns soon into a itching. It is often so that the affected red and thick body. This is unpleasant, but no cause for concern.

Problematic it is only if you react to bee venom allergic to it. In this case, you must consult a doctor immediately and can respond quickly. If, however, the common symptoms, then it is a normal home remedy to apply.