At the end of October, Micha got the diagnosis at Christmas, he was hampered severely

Oxana Giesbrecht lost her son 14 years ago, a severe brain inflammation – skin is a late consequence of measles infection, with which he was infected as a six-month-old Baby in the waiting room of his pediatrician. Blame an UN-inoculated child was. Giesbrecht requested TV Talkerin Maischberger: “Vaccinate your children!”

Oxana Giesbrechts son Micah is just six months old when he catches in the waiting room of the children’s physician, with measles in a child that is not vaccinated. Five years later, Micha suffering from a rare and severe inflammation of the brain, a late consequence of measles infection. In 2013, he dies with the age of 14.

That still so many parents refuse to let their children against measles vaccinate, makes Giesbrecht stunned. At the ARD-Talk by Sandra Maischberger you asked on Wednesday evening: “Vaccinate your children!”

With five and a half years, Micah suddenly becomes noticeable

At the beginning it looked good for Micah. The measles disease itself, he will survive, as it seemed, without complications, developed according to Giesbrecht. However, with five and a half years, he suddenly becomes conspicuous. Micah frequently stumbles down the stairs, starts to stutter, more and more irritable and aggressive.

At once, he hallucinates, sees at night a big beetle in his room. As he can’t move his legs during swimming lessons correctly, Giesbrecht alarmed: “something’s going on, the more we can take. We then went back to his pediatrician.“

In October, the diagnosis, after two months of a nursing case

This transfers Micha directly to the hospital. There is the shock: Micah suffers from the incurable brain inflammation SSPE, a late consequence of measles infection of the skin. Then everything goes very quickly, says Giesbrecht: “at the beginning of October, we received the diagnosis, at the end of November, Micah was nothing more. At Christmas we had a severely handicapped child.“ Micah can’t swallow and speak, no longer see, and don’t run. For nine years he medical Care. In June 2013, he is dead.

The doctor in whose waiting room is infected next to Micah at the time, five more children, making Giesbrecht no allegations: “He can’t help it. He called parents, too, if a vaccination has been missed.“

For Micah, our help came too late.