Arthritis: The 30p food that could help ‘maintain healthy joints’ – symptoms to spot

Rheumatoid Arthritis: NHS on common signs and symptoms

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Arthritis or similar joint conditions affect more than 10 million people in the UK. This joint condition usually develops in your mid-40s or later but it can also target children. Here’s one dietary tweak that could help prevent inflammatory arthritis and maintain healthy joints.

Perhaps the worst aspect of arthritis is the pain characteristic for the condition.

What you eat and drink can play a part in managing symptoms, according to Arthritis Foundation.

Like any diet for boosting your health, the principles of the arthritis diet aren’t much different.

However, there’s one specific food that can cost as little as 30p and target problems that come with the condition – orange.

Orange is known for its rich content of immunity-boosting vitamin C.

In fact, the round fruit packs around 53 milligrams of vitamin C per 100 grams.

And this vitamin is the potent part when it comes to arthritis, with the “right amount” offering aid in preventing inflammatory arthritis.

On top of that, vitamin C can also help maintain healthy joints, the charity reports.


Other good fruit choices that offer vitamin C include grapefruits and limes.

If you want to go wider than just one food, there’s a whole diet that is packed with fruit and known for its beneficial effects on arthritis.

Mediterranean diet is thought to lower inflammation and even “lessen” joint pain, according to Arthritis Foundation.

As the name gives away, the Mediterranean diet brings together the healthy habits of people who live around the Mediterranean Sea.

Although it can vary from country to country, it usually contains vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, beans, cereals, grains and fish.

Perhaps the best-known part of this diet is the golden liquid used to season Mediterranean foods – olive oil.

This healthy diet is also characterised by a low intake of meat and dairy foods.

From anti-inflammatory effects to reducing pain, the individual components of the Mediterranean diet offer various benefits for arthritis management.


What are arthritis symptoms?

As there are many different types of arthritis, the symptoms can differ based on the exact type.

However, some general signs include:

  • Joint pain, tenderness and stiffness
  • Inflammation in and around your joints
  • Restricted movement of your joints
  • Warm red skin over the tricky joint
  • Weakness and muscle wasting.

The NHS stresses the importance of getting “an accurate diagnosis” if you suffer from these.

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