Antibiotic use in the Poultry and calves decreased mast hardly

Still in the fattening of livestock antibiotics are used in large quantities. This is evident from an internal report by the Ministry of agriculture. The Federal government has not achieved its self-imposed target. Especially in the poultry and the fattening of calves, the use of antibiotics is barely gone back.

This is evident from an internal report by the Ministry of agriculture, the NDR and "Süddeutscher Zeitung" is present. He shows that In the chicken, Turkey and veal calves have hardly changed at all, according to the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" (Wednesday edition).

Significant improvements have been achieved mainly in pigs and pig husbandry. Here, the consumption decreased by more than 40 percent, since the appropriate drug-law has been reformed five years ago. Satisfied one is with this balance in the Ministry, apparently: in The case of poultry, the observed development have not met expectations, writes the Ministry. The reasons for this could be from the present data is not possible to determine and would require further investigation.

An antibiotic is still being used more intensively

Of concern is that a means is now dosed considerably higher. This is according to the report, in order to Colistin, which is very often used in chickens and turkeys for fattening. Doctors criticize the use of this compound in animals, generally, since there are more and more frequently as the last remaining Reserve for life-threatening diseased people. In the report of the Ministry says that this antibiotic “is used particularly in the case of broiler chickens significantly higher in the dosed than in the conditions of the authorisation provided for”.

Overall, almost half of the poultry used in the amount of antibiotics such as Colistin belongs to the critical ingredients, also as a Reserve antibiotics called. They have been classified by the world health organisation as particularly important for the treatment of people. The Problem with this is, the more often such drugs are used in stables, the more germs will not arise for which the antibiotics are working.

Criticism of agriculture Minister Klöckner

Friedrich Ostendorff, agricultural policy spokesperson of the Greens, criticised the state of the economy Minister, Julia Klöckner (CDU). You have to ensure that reserve antibiotics “were finally out of the Mast”. You should not be in the fattening of animals used, “because they are a threat for human medicine, for us humans, if we need in case of illness these substances,” he said.

In the Ministry of agriculture it was said to the report: “From the results, we will consider legislative conclusions.” To a lot of antibiotics have to look in the stables, nothing. The Ministry is working according to its own data intensively to reduce the use in animal husbandry.