Anti-inflammatory diet: So you take off and strengthen your immune system

A few months ago, we sat with a T-Shirt and shorts on the terrace, now a shawl and a Sweater in the cold and wet Winter duty.

This change in the weather has to get used to our body, especially our immune system makes the transition to create and often difficult.

The exchange between warm air from the heating and cold temperatures outside, it is also not easier – the risk, then a cold trap increases.

You’re one of the many people who are between the summer and fall sick all the time? It’s a nuisance.

But the good news is: With you with a customized diet cough, Schnupen and co. are easy to prevent.

According to some researchers, the anti-inflammatory diet is best for this. This not only helps excess Kilos to get rid of, but also strengthens the immune system and so geht'p.

This diet inhibits inflammation in the body

The Swedish scientists wanted to investigate in their study whether and how certain diets on the immune system, and thus on the risk of the disease impact. To be studied, the purpose of the data of about 68,000 people between the ages of 45 and 83 years.

They found that those participants who ate regularly in anti-inflammatory foods, were significantly less likely to get sick than other subjects.

They showed a 20 percent lower risk of developing a cardiovascular disease. In addition, their probability of dying early was 18 percent lower.

But what foods are considered anti-inflammatory? And how they push our Immsystem? First and foremost, fruits and vegetables, whole grain bread and oatmeal, but also healthy fats from olive oil, nuts and fish.

Also green tea, coffee, chocolate with a high cocoa content, and even red wine and beer – in moderation, consumed as anti-inflammatories.

Each disease, whether Diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, or a banal cold, excessive inflammatory reactions in the body. Normally, inflammation is a natural defense mechanism of the body against invaders and pollutants.

By an unhealthy diet and way of life can also trigger inflammatory reactions, which develop over time chronic Inflammation. A weakened immune system is the result.

Entzündungshemmdene diet as an immune booster

Numerous studies confirm that a high-fat and sugary diet our immune system out of balance.

Fast Food, white flour, alcohol, candy, white rice and soft drinks put inflammation messengers-free substances, and thus favor the emergence of diseases. Add to that a promotes too Much Overweight in fat and sugar.

Anyone who wants to lose weight and at the same time, his defenses strengths, one should try, therefore, the anti-inflammatory diet.

These sweeps Fast Food, sugar and co. from the diet plan, instead a lot of fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats every day (see above) on the table.

This diet also reduces demonstrably the amount of the stress hormone Cortisol in the blood. The body is, consequently, less Stress, and you’ll lose faster weight!

Julia Are