Amazon Just Put 23andMe's Ancestry DNA Kit On Sale For Only $79

  • 23andMe’s Ancestry Kit is on sale on Amazon right now.
  • Normally $99, you can currently purchase the kit for just $79.
  • 23andMe’s Ancestry Kit is designed to help you learn about your cultural background.

Now that it’s officially November, it’s finally socially acceptable to kickstart your holiday countdown. Yes, that means it’s time to start figuring out what you’re going to get your family and friends (or, you know, yourself) as gifts this year.

If you’re ready for holiday shopping to be done, like, yesterday, you’re in luck, because Amazon is having a sale on 23andMe’s Ancestry Kit, and it’s basically the perfect stocking stuffer or present.

23andMe’s Ancestry Test is a great way to help you, or your friends and family learn more about their genealogy. Not only can you learn all about your genetic makeup and cultural background, but you’ll also receive a list of other 23andMe customers with relatives in common. (Next year’s family holiday party just got a lot bigger.)

All you need to do is mail in a sample of your saliva—and 23andMe will take care of the rest. Yes, it’s that easy.

Normally, 23andMe’s Ancestry Test costs $99; however, you can currently pick a kit up for $79. If you’ve always been curious about 23andMe, but have never taken the plunge, now’s a better time than any to go ahead and buy.

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