All the organs affected, such As air pollution, our body hurts!

Air pollution has serious consequences for the health

The air pollution has increased in many regions, already a harmful extent. How far-reaching the threat of adverse impact, in the current study. Because virtually every Organ is affected by the effects of air pollution.

In a recent study by the University of Illinois at Chicago, it was found that global air pollution has adverse effects on all human organs. Heart and lung diseases, Diabetes, and dementia as well as liver problems and cancer of the bladder are called as the possible diseases due to air pollution. In other words: The air pollution harms each and every Organ, and every cell in the human body. The results of the study were published in the English journal “Chest”.

In today’s time, the environmental pollution is increasing, unfortunately, always more. A new study found that the negative effects of air pollution can affect every Organ in the body. (Image: Ralf Geithe/

More than 90 percent of the world’s population suffer from air pollution

Air pollution contributes to heart and lung diseases, Diabetes, and dementia as well as liver problems and bladder cancer. In addition, our fertility will be affected by the contaminated air, the health of the fetus and the General development in Childhood negatively. The world health organization, WHO, has referred to the air pollution as a public health emergency. More than 90 percent of the world’s population suffer from the harmful outside air. According to the researchers, the air pollution caused each year almost 8.8 million deaths.

How to get ultra fine particles of our bodies?

Air pollution can be acute and chronic, every Organ in the body damage, explain the authors of the study. So-called ultra-fine particles (UFP) to pass through the lungs, are easily absorbed by the cells and then the blood is transported throughout the body. So, you can reach virtually all cells in the body. It would not be surprising if each and every Organ would be affected, report the researchers.

Children are particularly vulnerable

Children are particularly vulnerable to air pollution, since your body is still developing and the lungs due to the harmful air stunted. But air pollution not only harms your lungs, but also the heart. In addition, the risk for heart attacks increases, the arteries constrict and the muscles weaken. In addition, the risk for lung cancer increases.

Even skin and bone suffering from air pollution

It was also found that even the skin and bones of air pollution are affected, for example, aging of the skin, hives, and brittle bones as possible follow to be called. The main reason for the far-reaching damage may be a systemic inflammation, suggested the authors. Our immune cells to keep the pollutant particles for a bacteria and try to kill, by enzymes and acids. It was also expressed the concern that many Doctors in the far-reaching damage not be aware of, which can be caused by air pollution. Many seem to have no idea that increasing air pollution is detrimental to precisely the institutions to which they specialize in, report the researchers. (as)