28 Creative Buffalo Sauce Recipes That Have Nothing to Do With Wings

Just picture it: a plate of wings drenched in Buffalo sauce sits on the table in front of you. You reach to pick one up, your fingers now covered in the glorious, spicy sauce. It’s quite possibly one of the most beautiful sights (and experiences) on a Friday night, and when paired with an ice-cold beer, you have a match made in heaven.

Now imagine taking that Buffalo sauce and elevating it. Have you ever used it to make chicken meatballs? Or poured it into your a meatloaf mixture? Or how about giving your homemade breadsticks a spicy kick? It’s such a versatile sauce, and there are plenty of creative ways to use it, and yet we’re all so stuck on the idea that the only possible dish that’s worthy of Buffalo sauce is a pile of wings.

Let’s forever change that. Check out these 27 recipes that prove there’s way more to Buffalo sauce than bar food.

A version of this article was originally published in January 2016.

Skinny Buffalo Chicken-Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Shredded chicken soaked in Buffalo sauce and blue cheese sauce stuffed into a baked sweet potato: Our mouths are watering just looking at this photo from Not Enough Cinnamon.

Buffalo Chicken Lasagna

Switch up pasta night with this spicy, cheesy Buffalo chicken lasagna.

Buffalo Cauliflower

Easy, healthy and delicious — what more could you want in a Buffalo recipe? These Buffalo cauliflower bites are a definite crowd pleaser and an easy way to sneak veggies into your kid’s diet .

Baked Mini Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls

Crispy on the outside, saucy within, these Buffalo chicken egg rolls will sate your cravings.

Buffalo Chicken Pasta

This super-easy Buffalo chicken pasta takes just 15 minutes, making it a great weeknight meal.

Buffalo Chicken Pull-Apart Bread

Tear into this Buffalo chicken pull-apart bread, and wings will be the last thing on your mind.

Vegan Buffalo Cauliflower Chowder

Warm yourself from the inside out with this vegan Buffalo cauliflower chowder.

Buffalo Chicken-Jalapeño Popper Casserole

Bacon graces this Buffalo chicken-jalapeño popper casserole, taking it totally over the top.

Buffalo Chicken Burgers

Sink your teeth into these Buffalo chicken burgers topped with tangy blue cheese sauce.

Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Pasta

Tangles of linguine and lots of cheesy Buffalo sauce make this slow cooker meal a hit.

Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Chili

Make this slow cooker Buffalo chicken chili in the morning, then come home to a tasty meal.

Buffalo Chicken Meatloaf

Don't relegate Buffalo sauce to just snack time — you can enjoy it for dinner with this chicken meatloaf.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza Breadsticks

Feed a crowd with these spicy, cheesy, Buffalo chicken pizza breadsticks.

Buffalo Chicken Meatball Sandwiches

Chicken meatballs drenched in Buffalo sauce make one heck of a sandwich, as shown by this zesty recipe.

Buffalo Chicken Arancini

Fried rice balls stuffed with Buffalo chicken? Count me way, way in.

Buffalo Beer Soup with Cheddar Dumplings

Fluffy cheddar dumplings dot this spicy, unique soup.

Buffalo Chicken Cups

These Buffalo bites aren't just delicious; they're super easy to make too.

Buffalo Chicken Tacos

Turn anything into a taco, and it will be tastier. Don't believe me? Try these Buffalo chicken tacos.

Buffalo Chicken-Tater Tot Casserole

If you love tater tots (and who doesn't?), you'll go nuts for this cheesy Buffalo tater tot casserole.

Buffalo Chicken Panini

Make a few of these Buffalo chicken paninis before the big game, and your guests will think you're the MVP.

Ranch & Buffalo Chicken Wraps

Made with nonfat Greek yogurt, these ranch and Buffalo chicken wraps are surprisingly healthy.

Buffalo Chicken-Stuffed Mushrooms

Buffalo chicken-stuffed mushrooms are a perfect party snack.

Cheesy Buffalo Potato Wedges

Combining fries and Buffalo sauce, along with some blue cheese, of course, is an ingenious snack move.

Buffalo Chicken Pinwheels

Buffalo chicken pinwheels look fancy but are surprisingly easy to make.

Buffalo Chicken Mozzarella Sticks

Combine two favorite snacks in one with this Buffalo mozzarella sticks recipe.

Buffalo Tempeh

Protein-rich tempeh makes the perfect Buffalo treat for vegans.

Crispy Baked Buffalo Wings

OK, I had to give you one finger-lickin' good Buffalo wings recipe. This one doesn't disappoint.

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