13 Sangria Recipes We'll Be Sipping on for the Rest of Summer

Sangria, a wine punch popular in Spain during the warmer months, is the perfect daytime drink to enjoy all summer long. Even if you’re not at a sidewalk cafe in Seville (there’s always next summer!), you can still enjoy a glass or three of sangria at home. It’s easy to make, highly-customizable and even easier to sip on without knocking you off your feet. Plus, if you’re entertaining, just make a big pitcher of sangria and skip the individual cocktail mixing or endlessly opening wine bottles for your guests. 

The key to making a really good sangria is getting that perfect balance of fruity and tart. A too-sweet sangria can ruin the party faster than that dreaded red wine headache. With summer fruit at their very best right now, you can get sangria inspiration from your favorite peaches, plums or berries. Traditionally made with a Spanish red, like a Rioja, sangria can be made with any wine you love – rosé or a crispy white are especially nice in the summer. Make your sangria the night before so the flavors can meld together and the fruit can really infuse the wine with its floral fruitiness. Not sure where to start? We rounded up 13 unique sangria recipes that each have a distinct flavor and style — from red, white to rosé – there’s a sangria for just about everyone here.  Salud! 

Traditional red sangria

This 6-ingredient red sangria checks all the boxes on a great sangria – sweet, smooth, refreshing, and boozy. 

Sparkling melon ball sangria

This summery sangria is full of canteloupe, honeydew and watermelon for a colorful look and melon-forward flavor. 

Mimosa sangria

What’s better than sangria? Mimosa sangria! Perfect for your summer brunch, this crowd-pleaser proves that that two cocktails are better than one! 

Margarita sangria

Margaritas and white wine sangria collide into the perfect summertime cocktail. 

Spicy watermelon sangria

Meet your new go-to party drink. Sweet strawberries and cherries, refreshing watermelon and mint and just enough spicy jalapeno to lightly infuse the wine, this sangria is a fun twist on the classic. 

Strawberry-rhubarb rosé sangria

Sweet summer strawberries, tart rhubarb, mint and limes make this pink sangria a must-have at your next backyard barbecue. 

Prosecco nectarine sangria

This refreshing prosecco sangría recipe is full of floral flavors from white nectarines, fresh ginger, wildflower honey, St. Germain elderflower liqueur, and dry prosecco. 

Iced tea sangria

An iced tea sangria is the perfect afternoon summer sipper. Fresh mangos and strawberries, brewed tea and white wine make take this boozy beverage ultra-refreshing. 

Watermelon honeydew sangria

Make a big pitcher of this sangria and set up shop on your patio for an afternoon of bliss. 

Simple red sangria

New to the sangria game? This simple, classic red sangria recipe is made with Cointreau, red wine and fresh fruit.

Peach sangria

Fresh peach puree takes this sangria to the next level. Don’t sleep on that peach puree. 

Sparkling rosé sangria

Made with still and sparkling rosé, this citrusy sangria is a rosé-lover’s dream.

Sangria verde

This clean, crisp verde sangria is a little floral and deeply refreshing.

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