Katie Lee On Her Emotional Battle With Infertility & Social Media Comments

The co-presenter of the Food Network’s cooking talk show series The Kitchen, Katie Lee has an important message to remind social media users – it’s never a good thing to comment on a woman’s weight or body in general. Apparently, the chef who is also a cookbook author is deeply hurt by the body-shaming comments that she keeps receiving on social media, especially amidst the infertility issues that she has been struggling with for almost a year now.

For Katie, things didn’t go the way she planned as she wanted to be a parent right after marriage, but to her disappointment, she found out about the issues that were stopping her from conceiving. What makes it more painful for her is the fact that her reproductive health is not in good shape despite being a healthy person who always focuses on exercise and eating a balanced diet.

The disappointment and sorrow in Katie’s life began when after several months of trying, she had to undergo a surgery followed by an IVF (in vitro fertilization) procedure. Sadly, her problems didn’t stop there as even the exhausting process couldn’t be of any help. The TV star not only had to go through physical weariness but also had to sustain the emotional challenge that comes along.

On top of that, it’s extremely hurtful for Katie to see the not-so-encouraging comments of people on her increased weight. As per the food celebrity, it’s all due to hormones that make her look bloated and also because she cannot exercise much due at present. Her emotional story works as a reminder for everyone who does not hesitate to throw their comments on others without having any idea about their personal problems.

Katie might be facing all that negativity but is still hopeful about things to fall in place eventually. As stated by her, “maybe it’s going to be different than we dreamed, but I know it will happen for us”.

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