How many men and women fake orgasms during sex – it’ll surprise you

Have you ever faked an orgasm to avoid awkwardness in the bedroom?

If you answered yes to that question, you’ll be pleased to know you’re not alone.

A recent survey revealed how many people fib about reaching orgasm – and the figures are higher than you’d expect.

Superdrug recently asked 1,016 people if they’d faked an orgasm.

Results were eye-opening, with 54.6% of women admitting to lying in the sack.

These ladies also confessed why they feel the need to mislead their partners about their pleasure.

A whopping 70% of climax fakers said they did so to protect their other half’s feelings.

The desire to get romps over and done with is another key reason why lasses fib.

While you may think it’s too difficult for men to fake an orgasm, a sizeable 16.4% said they had in the past.

Of these dishonest blokes, 62% confessed they wanted to protect the partner’s feelings.

Meanwhile, 35% of climax pretenders admitted they hoped to end sex sooner.

Some also said they committed the bedroom sin to avoid awkwardness, with 23.9% choosing to tell porkies instead.

Although many are guilty of feigning orgasms, a lot of them wouldn’t appreciate if the shoe was on the other foot.

Around 79% of women and 70% of men said they’d be upset if their partner had misled them.

If you have caught yourself in the vicious cycle of feigning your pleasure, don’t panic.

Opening up a discussion with your partner should be an easy way to work through your problems.

While you don’t have to admit to faking climaxes, it gives you the opportunity to talk about what turns you on in the bedroom.

This should make your next intimate experience more pleasurable.

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