How Kimberly Schlapman's Infertility Issues and Daughter's Prayers for Sibling Inspired Kids' Book

A week after Daisy sent the letter, the family attended a Christmas party at the adoption agency.

“[Daisy] sat in Santa’s lap, and she said, ‘All I really want for Christmas is a baby brother or sister,’ ” the singer remembers. “Santa Claus said, ‘Wow, I’m not sure even I could do that.’ I’ll never forget her little face, her innocent little eyes looked at him. She said, ‘Yeah, but I know you know God, and I was thinking maybe you could talk to him.’ ”

Despite the adults’ doubts, Daisy’s wish came true. A few days later, the Schlapmans got a call about a little girl who needed a home. Dolly Grace was with them just a few days later, right before Christmas.

“She is our absolute Christmas miracle,” Schlapman says of the newest addition to the family. “I think that faith is what got us through all the disappointments — and our love, our huge family bond and the love we have for each other.”

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Daisy’s letter to Santa is the inspiration behind A Dolly For Christmas. Schlapman hopes the story will inspire other families to maintain their faith, especially when facing infertility issues. The book is also a tribute to her daughters’ love for each other. One night, Schlapman remembers coming home and the girls had fallen asleep in bed together.

“I went in there, and I was moving everybody, and Daisy looked at me,” Schlapman says. “Dolly had fallen asleep in her arms, and [Daisy] said, ‘Mommy, I don’t know what this feeling is, but it’s the best feeling I’ve ever had in my whole life.’ ”

The next day, Daisy explained what she meant to her mom: “Mommy, I think Dolly is my first love.”

A Dolly For Christmas will be published on Oct. 6 by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers.

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